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Dear Customers

We welcome you to iHome Store services

Where it provides you with immediate and exclusive services for your site

Watching the shopping period facilitates the purchase of products, the quality and safety of the products after the sale, and their start to you in the best way

Our services on..

1 / Payment service upon receipt (Order at your home and pay at your doorstep)

  in all of its main branches

(Jeddah, Riyadh, Makah Al-Mukarramah, Medina, and Taif) where we facilitate the idea of shopping and paying in a safe and comfortable manner

2 / Delivery and mass installation service, website sales, to all regions of the Kingdom, upon purchase of 3000 riyals and more

3 / Premium services for iHome friends and their employees, including an additional 5% discount on our products... (Regulations Regulations)

4 / Additional 5% discount when ordering from the website

We also provide you..    

Exclusive services, and immediate after sales

5/ Comprehensive warranty on the sofa and its accessories for a period of 5 years

6/ Comprehensive warranty on mattresses for a period of 7 years

iHome is always with you and we are happy to serve you within 24 hours

With you at all times... to respond to inquiries and comments


We thank you for your trust and seek your satisfaction and service